Radioshow #1061 feat. Dastic

1st hour – Tune Brothers

Turn Off The Lights - Chris Lake feat Alexis Roberts (Extended Mix)
Gramercy - Sparks feat Sharna Bass (Mr. Belt & Wezol Remix)
Friendless - Shine On (Hood Rich Remix)
Breathe Lazy - The Deepshakerz feat Shamil (Original Mix)
Ah Feel Like Ahcid - David Penn, The Cube Guys (Original Mix)
Without You - Avicii feat Sabdro Cavazza (Merk & Kremont Mix)
Mondrian - Paul Richmond (Original Club Mix)
Outside Of The Lines - Boehm feat Laurell (Rrotik Extended Remix)
This Song - Kydos (Extended Remix)
VOLAC - Walk Around
Deus - Tchami , Malaa (Original Mix)
Many Things - Santri & Kohen (Extended Mix)
Source - Lucas & Steve (Extended Mix)
All They Wanna Be - Madison Mars, Caslin (Extended Mix)
Need You Too - Sagan (Extended Mix)
Feels Like Yesterday - Mike Williams feat Robin Valo (Extended Mix)

2nd hour – Dastic

Satisfy - MERCER feat Ron Carroll
Set Me Free - Trobi feat LePrince
Inkali - Damien N-Drix
Ass Down - Delayers
It´s Not Right But It´s Okay - Stadium X
Turn It Around - Merk Kremont
You & I - Mike Williams x Dastic
Just Like That - Tom & Jame
Magneto - Madison Mars
DYSYLM - Breathe Carolina Sunstars
Find You - Charming Horses MPH
Million Voices - Otto Knows (Domastic Remix)
Go Ahead - Promise (Extended Mix)
Bring The House - PBH & Jack Shizzle
Trust Me - Adrian Lux & Savage Skulls feat Soul (CID Extended Remix
Don´t Be So Shy - Imany (Sagan Deep Remix)
Let Me Love You - Dastic feat CADE