Radioshow #1249 feat. Moreno Pezzolato

1st hour - Tune Brothers

Perfect - Westend (Extended Mix) - D4 D4nce
Felicidad - Cassimm & Rion S (Extended Mix) - No Definition
You Get - Dubdogz & Volkoder (Volkoder VIP Mix) - Musical Freedom
Bounce - Pleight (Extended Mix) - Glasgow Underground
Gift Of Life - Emily Nash (Extended Mix) - Stress Records
My Humps - Joshwa, Lee Foss (Extended Mix) - Repopulate Mars
Dancing In The Desert - Brad Wood (UK), Vincent Vaguer (Extended Mix) - Hood Politics Records
You Give Me A Feeling - Vintage Culture, James Hype (Original Mix) - Insomniac Records
Don't Give Up - Chapter & Verse (Original Mix) - Realm
Vibin' Thing - Giant & Vush (Extended Mix) - Sink Or Swim
White Mercedes - Choomba (Don't Blink Remix) - EMI
Can You Relate - Don't Blink & Redux Saints (Extended Mix) - The MYth OF NYX
A Drug From God - Chris Lake & NPC (Original Mix) - Black Book Records


2nd hour - Moreno Pezzolato

Like That - Moreno Pezzolato (Original Mix)
Don’t Give Up - Chapter & Verse (Original Mix)
Oxyd - Moreno Pezzolato (Original Mix)
Lose Yourself Tonight - Southcity Grooves feat. Ola (Extended Mix)
Toxic - Moreno Pezzolato (Original Mix)
Wait A Minute - Biscits (Extended Mix)
Zulu Child - Moreno Pezzolato (Original Mix)
Pattak - Adapter (Extended Mix)
My Humps - Lee Foss, Joshwa (Original Mix)
You Give Me A Feeling - Vintage Culture & James Hype (Extended Mix)
Dr House - Joe T Vannelli (Moreno Pezzolato Remix)
Vertico - Phonk D